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I’ve got a pack of chewing gum
I can chew it all day long
Chew and chew and chew my chewing gum
(Chewing gum, chewing gum)

It’s tasty sweet, and sugarfree
That’s how I know it’s safe for my teeth
Chew and chew and chew and chew my gum
(Chewing gum, chewing gum)

There’s strawberry and watermelon
Mix em up get strawterbelon
Peppermint is blue or green or white
(Chewing gum, chewing gum)

Cherry mixed with lime is lerry
Or maybe I call it chimey
Doesn’t matter ‘cuz it tastes so right
(Chewing gum, chewing gum)

I’ve got a pack of bubble gum
Double bubble trouble gum
Stretchy flexy sticky yummy gum
(Chewing gum, chewing gum)

I’ve got a piece between my teeth
Add two more now I’ve got three
But now it’s kind of hard to sing
(chewing gum, chewing gum)

Watch me blow a bubble on my own
It will be the biggest ever blown
First I chew it nice and soft
Then I stretch it around my tongue
Now I take a breath, here I go….
I blow blow blow blow blow blow blow, blow, blow....


Ewww. Sticky gum.


from Make A Discovery (Songs For Kids), released November 7, 2012
Music/Vocals written & performed by Marcie
Produced by Anthony Webster




Marcie Boston, Massachusetts

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